International trading

All over the world, we supply high quality fertilizers thanks to a perfect control of the entire chain of international commerce.

By choosing to be specialized in fertilizer trading, PARMADIS has built-up an in-depth knowledge of the market and its functioning methods, an expertise which enables us to show responsiveness and pertinence in coping with our clients’ demands, to guarantee the quality and the reliability of the supply sources and to ensure with a great deal of rigor and professionalism the commercial and financial transfer from one point of the globe to another.

Administrative and logistical support

From production sites to the destination desired by our clients, PARMADIS takes care of everything!
The carriage of fertilizers is generally taken over. We work in close collaboration with trustworthy carriers and accomplish all administrative and customs formalities.

Tailored solutions and Customized Packaging

Aware of the complexity and the diversity of soils and their needs, PARMADIS offers its customers the opportunity to make fertilizers with the suited agronomic profile. A client-oriented approach and a sense of listening enable us to provide optimal solutions to the most specific requirements.

To fully support our clients and facilitate their use of our products, we also offer to deliver customized- packaging fertilizers.