Incorporated in 2005, Partners Maghreb Distribution (PARMADIS) is an international trading company specializing in fertilizer supply. In over 10 years, PARMADIS has steadily developed, evolving its product portfolio, expanding more and more internationally, thus becoming a leader in the export of packaged and customized fertilizers.

From trading to delivery, passing through fertilizer packaging, PARMADIS masters every step in the chain which enables its customers to purchase fertilizers. Urea, DAP, TSP, potassium chloride….. Products are packaged in 50 kg customized bags and shipped in containers bound for the destination requested by the client, all over the world.

Based in Casablanca, Morocco, PARMADIS is at the heart of an international trade covering over 35 countries.

Reactivity, reliability and listening to customers are at the center of PARMADIS dynamism.

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